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John Muir Meets Tom Weir: Save the Dates!

As part of Homecoming Scotland 2014 the John Muir Festival, from 17-26 April 2014, will celebrate the life and legacy of John Muir, a Scots born naturalist and founder of America's national Parks, taking place along the length of the John Muir Way, a new national coast to coast walking route that stretches from Dunbar in the East to Helensburgh in the West.

Find out more about two great local events on your doorstep being organised to celebrate John Muir’s legacy and to enable others to share their love of Scottish walks and the natural environment:

Concert, Thursday 24 April 2014, 7.30pm: Renowned folk singer and conservation champion, Jimmie McGregor will be at the Victoria Halls, Helensburgh, to pay homage to the father of the Global National Parks movement, John Muir.  

The concert is just one of a number of events taking place in the area to celebrate and mark this new coast to coast walking route which links Dunbar, Muir's birth place, with Helensburgh, which looks across the Firth of Clyde to Greenock, where, as an 11 year old, Muir left Scotland for North America. The concert is being organised by the local conservation charity, The Friends of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs. 

Walking Event, Saturday 26 April 2014, 4pm: The Friends of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs will be sponsoring a unique walking event along the newly improved route, which links Helensburgh and Balloch. Departing at 4.00pm from either Helensburgh or Balloch, walkers will converge on Goukhill, a stunning viewpoint overlooking Loch Lomond where they will witness a meeting between 'John Muir' and 'Tom Weir'.

Much-loved and remembered Scottish walker Tom Weir, who died a few years ago, was also a notable supporter of conservation and National Parks; and all proceeds from the two events will go towards a campaign to erect a statue in Tom’s memory.

The photo above (courtesy John Urquhart) shows the stunning view from Goukhill where the two famous National Park campaigners will stage their ‘meeting’.

More news on these events will be issued soon but please register your interest and support now by email to John Urquhart: or register for the Walking event on Facebook.


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